Monday, May 7, 2012

Rainbow Report

Rainbow Report
University of Maryland, College Park
“The unstoppable & QUEER.”

"Being queer is like being on a lifetime assignment as a secret agent in some foreign country." -NORETTA KOERTGE

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LGBT Equity Programs:
*  Queer Study Time (Every Wednesday)
o    2-4PM at 2218 Marie Mount Hall.
o   Come and study with others in a queer-friendly space! Bring your books/laptop/work. We'll have some snacks and friendly faces
* Queer Luncheon (Every Thursday)
o   11:30 AM- 1 PM at 2218 Marie Mount Hall.
o   Join us for some queer lunch!. Bring your food, we'll bring the games and good conversation!
* Safe Space (Every Tuesday)
o   May 1st, 7:30 PM-9PM, 2308 Marie Mount Hall.
o   A supportive environment for students navigating identity, coming out, or transitioning. It is a partnership between the LGBT Equity Center and Pride Alliance.
*  Lavender Graduation 2012
o   You are cordially invited to the Fourteenth Annual Lavender Graduation at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Please celebrate with us!
Lavender Graduation recognizes an important milestone in the lives of our LGBTQ and Allied graduates.  Each LGBTQA graduate will receive a rainbow tassel and a certificate of achievement. This event also provides an opportunity for our community to come together and honor those among us who have worked to make College Park a better place for LGBTQ people.
This year’s Lavender Graduation will be Saturday, May 19, 4:00-6:00 p.m. in the Colony Ballroom of the Stamp Student Union and includes both a ceremony and a generous buffet.
Graduates at all levels are especially encouraged to attend and bring family, friends, and other significant individuals in their lives.  This may include members of faculty or staff.  Of course, all faculty and staff are invited.
Academic regalia is optional.
Please RSVP by going to
Co-Sponsored Programs:
* Queering Honors
o   Are you interested in putting together a framework to help build a visible queer community within the Honors program? This would be relatively independent work that would involve talking with administrators, coordinating programming, and trying to engage with other students to figure out needs and build interest in this effort.
o   The Honors program is interested in supporting this effort, but hesitant to commit substantial resources unless we can demonstrate an active interest in this among Honors students.
o   If you’re interested contact Jack Izen or Vinny Prell at
Additional Announcements:.  
*  Women 2 Women (W2W)
A discussion group for LGBTQQIA- identified women. Tuesday, May 8, 7-8PM, Equity Center.
*  Bro 2 Bro
A group for LGBTQQIA- identified men. Wednesday, May 9, 6-7PM in the Equity Center.
*  Bisexuals at Maryland (BAM)
A discussion group for those who inhabit the wide expanse that lay between gay and straight. Thursday, May 10, 6-7PM at the Equity Center.
*  Trans U
A discussion and safe space for those who identify as transgender, genderqueer, or otherwise feel restricted by conventional definitions of "man" and "woman". Thursday, May 10, 7-8PM, Equity Center.
*  LGBT Health Survey
o   Ethan Mereish is a doctoral candidate at Boston College. He is conducting an online research study on LGBTQ people’s health and resilience in relation to discrimination and oppression. He is conducting his dissertation study to help our community, and would like to use the results from this study for the purposes of promoting our health and clinical care. 
o   The confidential survey takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.
o   In appreciation for your participation, he will donate $1 on each participants' behalf to a LGBTQ-affirming organization. As an additional thank you for participating, LGBTQ university members have the option of entering into raffle to win one of five $50 prizes. The study has been approved by the Boston College Institutional Review Board and it is supervised by Dr. Paul Poteat.
*  Victory Congressional Internship
o   The Victory Congressional Internship is accepting applications for Fall 2012.
o   The Victory Institute will bring outstanding LGBTQ college students to Washington, D.C., for an intensive leadership program, including a Congressional internship with an LGBT-friendly member of Congress.
o   The program includes a generous stipend, housing in D.C., placement in a congressional internship and travel to/from Washington, D.C., as well as travel and registration to the International Gay & Lesbian Leadership Conference in Long Beach, California, in December 2012.
o   Applications for Fall 2012 are due May 14– find out more and apply now at
o   The Victory Congressional Internship is open to current undergraduate students of all genders, orientations, abilities, races, and political affiliations, including people with majors other than political science.
*  Spend a Week at Harvard Business School
o   Apply for Harvard Business School's Summer Venture in Management Program. Application Deadline: May 16, 2012
o   The Harvard Business School (HBS) Summer Venture in Management Program (SVMP) is a one week management training program for rising college seniors designed to increase diversity and opportunity in business education. This thirty-year HBS tradition demonstrates the many rewards of an MBA degree to students who may not otherwise have considered this path. Participants spend a week on campus living the MBA student experience – attending classes, analyzing case studies, and debating management issues with peers and faculty.
o   This unique educational experience, in combination with a summer internship at a sponsoring company or organization, gives participants a broader understanding of the challenges business leaders face, the innumerable opportunities that exist in management, and the impact they can have on their community and the world through leadership.
o   Participants will be selected based on academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, and personal characteristics. Consistent with the objective of promoting educational diversity and opportunity in business leadership, additional criteria to be considered among others, are whether the applicant is:  The first family member to attend college; A member of a group that is currently underrepresented in business schools and corporate America (e.g. African-American, Latino, Native American, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender); From a family with little business education or experience; and/or from a school whose graduates do not typically attend a top-tier university (e.g., attends a rural or predominantly minority college, or has attended a community college as part of a four-year degree).
o   The SVMP Application will be available online in February 2012. The deadline is May 16, 2012. To apply and for more information about this program, please visit the SVMP website:
*  Whitman-Walker Health
o   Need to talk? Whitman-Walker Health offers peer support.
o   No matter what you are going through, there are others who have been there. Trained volunteers can provide individual and group support for issues related to HIV, life stressors, loneliness, coming out, relationships, and more.
o   For more information, contact Nick Choksi at 202-797-3580, or email Whitman-Walker Health is located at Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center-- 1701 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009.

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